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Navigating History: Exploring 6 Cape Cod Iconic Lighthouses

Cape Cod, with its rugged coastline and rich maritime history, beckons travelers to explore its scenic beauty and iconic landmarks. With miles of shoreline, Cape Cod with its many inlets has long been an important passage for ships throughout the ages. Sea captains used the many lighthouses dotting the Cape Cod shores as beacons to guide them through the shorelines. During your Inn at Yarmouth Port stay, you can use this list as your map to discovering the charm and history surrounding Cape Cod’s iconic Lighthouses.

Highland Light/Cape Cod Light

Location: North Truro, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: First lit in 1797, Highland Light is the oldest and tallest lighthouse on Cape Cod. Originally located 500 feet from the cliff’s edge, erosion threatened its stability, leading to its relocation in 1996.

Nauset Lighthouse Cape Cod

Nauset Light

Location: Eastham, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: Nauset Light’s distinctive red and white stripes make it one of Cape Cod’s most recognizable landmarks. First illuminated in 1838, it played a vital role in guiding ships away from the treacherous Nauset Shoals.

Chatham Light

Chatham Lighthouse

Location: Chatham, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: Situated at the “elbow” of Cape Cod, Chatham Lighthouse has continually stood watch over the entrance to Chatham Harbor since 1808. Its twin lights aided mariners navigating the dangerous waters off the coast.

Race Point Lighthouse

Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: Established in 1816, Race Point Lighthouse guided ships through the waters where Cape Cod Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its remote location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding dunes and shoreline.

Stage Harbor Lighthouse

Location: Chatham, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: Built in 1880, Stage Harbor Lighthouse served as a guiding light for vessels entering Stage Harbor. Its picturesque setting and unique hexagonal tower make it a favorite subject for photographers.

Wing’s Neck Lighthouse

Location: Pocasset, Massachusetts

Historical Fact: Nestled on a secluded peninsula overlooking Buzzards Bay, Wing’s Neck Lighthouse has guided sailors since 1849. Its striking granite tower and Victorian-style keeper’s house exude timeless charm.

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