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Cape Cod Museums: Our Guests’ Raves

If you are looking for a cultural experience while vacationing on Cape Cod, look no further than our local museums! Our guests have recently raved about the Cape Cod Museum of Art, JFK Museum, and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

Each museum has its own unique charm and offers visitors a chance to learn more about the history and culture of our area. We highly recommend checking them out during your stay!

Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

Cape Cod Museum of Art

Cape Cod is home to a wide variety of museums, but the Cape Cod Museum of Art is one of the most interesting. As the name suggests, this museum focuses on the art of Cape Cod, featuring both local artists and those who have painted or photographed the Cape. The museum is small but nicely curated, and it is worth a visit if you are interested in Cape Cod’s history and culture.

In addition to the art on display, the museum also features Cape-related books, artifacts, and even a few Cape-themed games.

JFK Museum Cape Cod

JFK Museum

The popular JFK Museum is in downtown Hyannis, so it is a nice part of a downtown exploration outing. The museum is packed with fascinating artifacts and information about JFK and his Cape Cod connection. The museum is also surrounded by beautiful gardens, making it a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

If you are interested in learning more about JFK or Cape Cod history, the JFK Museum is worth a visit.

Cultural Center of Cape Cod

With five galleries, five resident artist studios, a performance hall, a gift shop, and an education wing that features a culinary arts center, recording studio, pottery studio, maker space, and digital arts studio, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod is one of several Cape Cod museums that help make the Cape a world-class, inclusive space. Whether you are visiting for the gift shop or the art, include the Cape Cod Cultural Center on your ‘must see’ list.

Fun Fact: In a previous life, The Inn at Yarmouth Port’s Steinway Grand piano was the concert grand piano at the Cultural Center of Cape and has been lovingly played by famous musicians over the years!

the common area of The Inn at Yarmouth Port

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