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Defining the Cultural Cape

My husband and I have been exploring Cape Cod by land and by sea since we were children. However, it’s only been within the past decade that we’ve discovered the diverse creative community that we call, “The Cultural Cape.”  Let’s face it, the world truly is a more joyful place when people and artists come together to experience creative expression. Nurturing that creative expression is what The Cultural Cape does best.

The Creative Cape

The Cape has a long history of cultural pursuits. One of the oldest art colonies in America is in Provincetown, Cape Cod. When Charles Webster Hawthorne opened the Cape Cod School of Art in 1899, he had no idea that 100 years later his legacy would still be alive. Theater is a year round treat on the Cape. The Cape Playhouse is known as the  “place where Broadway came to summer.”  The careers of such stars as Ginger Rogers, Henry Fonda, and Gregory Peck were launched on the stage of the Playhouse. Young actors at the Playhouse perform double duty by helping behind the scenes, just like Bette Davis did by passing out programs and ushering.

All genres of music are well represented. From jazz to classical, and from blues to folk. The Cape Symphony employs 88 professional musicians and hosts guest artists from around the world. Expanding upon the definition, people also consider food as art on the Cultural Cape. Connoisseurs of wine, craft beers and gourmet ice cream will also find events that focus on their art.

Art Needs You, You Need Art!

Many in the artistic community are struggling to stay financially afloat. But, when you attend an artistic event, you not only feel happier and inspired but also help artists and venues prosper. The Cultural Cape is the perfect way to vacation in natural beauty, relax, rejuvenate AND support the Arts!

In addition to the wide variety of local events on Cape Cod to attend, we are working with artists to create memorable experiences at the Inn itself.  Shakespeare in Yarmouth Port is one we are developing.  This experience enables you to play your favorite Shakespearean character with a professional actor.  Yet another is a sing-a-along series leveraging our Steinway grand piano played by enthusiastic local talent.  We frequently update our event page so be sure to check back periodically. Some of our Inn performances will be fundraisers to help local artists, theaters and  projects related to the Cultural Cape.

With such diversity available, our guests can lean on us to help them craft the perfect exploration of the Cultural Cape. For tickets, schedules and ideas, please call the Inn directly at (508) 744-7546 or send us an email.

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