4 Innkeeper Approved Tips for Baking Perfect Cookies

Your Guide to Perfect Cookies Every Time

We bake a lot of cookies at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast. Every guest is welcomed into their room to the sight and smell of our signature cranberry chocolate chip cookies and other delights. Our guests often ask about tips for baking great cookies, so we made this video to share what we learned. We hope these tips will help your cookies become masterpieces every time.

1. It’s All About the Butter.

The temperature of your butter is incredibly important to ensure that your ingredients are able to blend together to create a uniformly textured cookie dough. If the butter is too warm the cookies will spread thinly while baking. If the butter is too cold, it is difficult to create an evenly mixed dough. We find it is best to leave butter out for about an hour before you are ready to mix ingredients. Room temperature butter is best!

2. Add eggs one at a time.

It’s easy to get excited and ignore a recipe when it instructs you to add those eggs one at a time. What’s the big deal? Adding eggs gradually into your cookie dough mixture is essential, as it ensures proper and even emulsification. Adding too much liquid all at once creates a goopy mess. Add eggs one at a time, mix, and repeat for egg-cellent cookies.

3. Use parchment paper.

Placing parchment paper or a silicone mat on top of your baking sheet isn’t just for easy cleanup. It also provides a surface that helps to prevent unwanted spreading by gripping the bottom of your cookies as they bake.

4. Always rotate your cookie sheets.

Not all ovens are created equal. Some heat unevenly, which is problematic for baking perfect cookies. Rotating your baking sheets half way into their cooking time will ensure a more evenly baked cookie.


The video below outlines these tips!

We hope to bake cookies for you soon at our cozy Cape Cod bed and breakfast.

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