Important Information for Your Visit to the Inn

Welcome to the Inn at Yarmouth Port!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Updated for the 2024 Season

We are here to help make your Cape Cod experience relaxing, memorable, fun, and safe! We are so pleased you have chosen our Inn as your destination and look forward to getting to know you and hosting you year after year. It\’s our pure pleasure to welcome you and help you experience the beauty of Cape Cod.

General FAQs and Info

  • What is the code for the front door and how does it work? The 4-digit front door code changes periodically. The current code is found on the back of your room key. To unlock, enter the code on the keypad, turn the knob on the keypad the left then open the door. To lock, press top button then turn to the right. You can also lock by entering the code then turning the knob to the right. Please lock the door coming and going always.
  • Please center your car in the parking spots as marked by the wooden beams and between the brick lines so we can accommodate 7 cars across. One car per room.
  • Can we have visitors?  We are unable to accommodate non-lodging visitors during your stay due to occupancy rules, parking space, as well as the comfort of all guests. This is monitored 24/7 by the use of video cameras at the front and back of the property.
  • Can we use the kitchen or microwave? Our local health department does not permit guests to enter or use the kitchen.
  • Smoking, vaping, and the use of candles in guest rooms or any where outside on the property, including the patio and parking lot, is strictly prohibited. To smoke during your stay, please step beyond the property onto the sidewalk. If a receptacle is needed, please request.
  • Do you have clothing irons and ironing boards? Clothing irons are not permitted at the Inn due to the age of the home. Professional grade clothing steamers have been provided in each room for your use. Please unplug all curling irons and clothing steamers before leaving your room.
  • How do we contact the Innkeeper? Please contact Innkeeper Kathleen by text during business hours between 8am-6pm at 617-710-3318 with any questions you may have if we are out of eyesight. If there is an after hours emergency, please call or text 617-710-3318. Our main business number does not receive texts and emails are checked once daily.
  • All fire exits are clearly marked and extinguishers are located in each hallway on each floor of the Inn.
  • What time is check-out? Check out is by 11am on your day of departure. Please bring the key to the dining area and personally hand-off to the Innkeepers or staff. If leaving prior to 8am, please lock your room and bring the key to the dining area and place on the black buffet by the kitchen door.

Breakfast & Snacks (The most important and fun part!)

  • Our Breakfast menu consists of a delicious multi-course meal that is chef\’s choice daily which means one entrée is served to all guests. Entrees alternate between a savory and sweet dish when possible. The menu for the next day will be posted in the dining room daily. If you have a dietary restriction or food allergy, please ensure that you have discussed this with your Innkeeper prior to your arrival to make sure your needs are met. We really want you to be nourished properly but it can be difficult to do this on the fly.  We typically have homemade cranberry granola or scrambled eggs and English muffins available if you’d prefer an alternate breakfast–However, please notify us in advance for these items.
  • Breakfast is served by reservation, usually on the quarter hour between 8:00am and 9:15am. If your plans change and you need a different time or you cannot make breakfast, please text the innkeeper.
  • It can often be chilly on the patio, so you might want to bring a sweater or light jacket with you to breakfast. Breakfast is served 1-2 at a table. If traveling with a group, be advise that we cannot put tables together for safety and staffing reasons. We will do our best to schedule you adjacent to each other when possible.
  • Yummy individually packaged homemade treats will be offered daily in the late afternoon! They will be in the dining area for you to pick-up and will have your name on them. Complimentary frozen ice cream treats in the freezer in the dining area.
  • Refills of water can be found in the small refrigerator in the dining room. This refrigerator is for water/beverages only--please do not place any food items in this refrigerator. You may place a bottle of wine or other beverages in this refrigerator.
  • Small bags of cocktail ice are located in the dining area freezer. Ice buckets are also available in the dining area for self service.
  • Coffee & tea as well as pre-packaged snacks are available for self service in the dining area. Wine glasses, cork screws and other glassware are also available for your use in the self-service area.
  • Breakfast is provided for registered guests only in accordance with The Town of Yarmouth’s food service licensure.
  • Please, no robes or pajamas at breakfast service. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times 🙂 Our original historic floors have small protruding edges so walking barefoot or in socks in not permitted.

Use of common areas and outside patio

  • We hope you will find time during your visit to enjoy our beautiful outdoor patio area beyond the dining room and front of the white fence outside. Please refrain from touring the property beyond this area due to uneven ground and privacy. We love hearing about your flowers and gardens and telling you about ours, so please ask us at breakfast!
  • If you would like the fire table lit, please text the Innkeeper before 6pm or mention it at breakfast for that evening and we would be happy to light it. Innkeepers only can light the fire table at their discretion. The Town of Yarmouth Port requires that outdoor areas be quiet, and the fire table turned off at 10pm daily.

Housekeeping Services

  • Housekeeping service is offered daily. Housekeeping staff will make the bed, lightly refresh the room and supplies, empty trash, replace towels as needed daily.  Please help conserve water by hanging towels. Towels left on the floor of the bathroom will be replaced. Towels hung will not be replaced. If you would prefer to decline daily tidy service (for stays of under 3 days only) please let your innkeeper know and arrangements will be made to pick up trash and replace used towels.
  • Please notify us promptly of any plumbing issues, spills, glass breakage or damage so that we may address the issue to protect you, the Inn and the property. Please do not place anything in toilets that is non-septic safe.
  • While never expected, gratuities are appreciated by the staff. Your housekeeper has spent several hours preparing your room and the Inn before your arrival and during your stay. Our breakfast servers work hard daily to help prepare and serve breakfast and to tell you about Cape Cod! All gratuities are shared between all staff based on hours worked. An envelope is provided in your room for your convenience at the end of your stay. Thank you so much!
  • Our Venmo is @theinnatyarmouthport for your convenience.

Room Specific Information

  • WIFI network and password Network: INN@YP   |  Password: Discovercc168
  • If you lock your room from the inside with the key, please leave the key in the lock inside your room so that you know exactly where it is in case of emergency in the middle of the night.

Using the Air Conditioning:

  • The white AC controller is mounted on the wall in your room. Point it directly at the unit and push the orange button for ON/OFF. Temperatures below 68 degrees will freeze the freon pipes and your AC will stop working.
  • If you need heat TURN OFF THE AC and use the baseboard heating which is the round regulator on the wall. In the Wellfleet Suite and the Island Creek Room, you’ll need to switch on the heat on the rectangular wall unit after turning the A/C off. Do not use the wall A/C as heat.
  • During the humid weather, we run dehumidifiers in all of the rooms. You may turn it off by pressing the red button. We will empty it daily and turn it on during the day while you are out. Please do not change the settings on the dehumidifiers. Simply turn it off if the noise bothers you.

Other Important Policies and Information      

  • Dining recommendations on our website here . Feel free to consult with your innkeepers or staff if you need assistance planning your day. We love helping you discover new places.
  • Please visit our gift display located in the living room area or ask your morning server about our merchandise! Mugs, wine glasses, hats, aprons, full-sized Bee-Kind products, coasters and more are all available for purchase.

A printed copy of this information is available upon request.